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Insulet Corporation

Kotlin Multiplatform

Spearheaded the development of the VIEW app, empowering caregivers to monitor the health of individuals with diabetes.

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Software Engineer


  • Led the creation of the VIEW app from scratch, enabling caregivers to remotely monitor the health status of individuals with diabetes.
  • Championed modern development practices, including Java and Kotlin for app development, unit testing, TDD (Test Driven Development), Room for data persistence, Clean Architecture, and DDD (Domain Driven Development).


  • Successfully developed and launched the VIEW app for Android.
  • Pioneered the transition from Java to Kotlin within the company, paving the way for a more modern development approach.
  • Successfully implemented TDD, setting a precedent for effective and efficient development practices.
  • Mentored junior engineers and trainees, fostering their growth and expertise.
  • Introduced KMP (Kotlin Multiplatform) as the first engineer within the company, successfully convincing management and the team to adopt it for the development of the CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor) Graph, a critical component used across multiple Android and iOS applications.